bet356地址 The Hubei Museum of art is by government investment management, according to the modern multifunctional target planning and construction, in order to meet the public culture art demand service, public welfare non-profit cultural institutions. She "based on the local, focusing on contemporary history; give attention, facing the world" for the purpose of......

Opening time:9:00-17:00(16:20 stop into the Museum )Museum address:湖北省武汉市武昌东湖路三官殿1号
Consulting telephone:027-86796062,027-86796067 HBMOA all right reserved privacy policy ICP:鄂ICP备05020000号

Admission free:

Tue. to Sun. 9:00 – 17:00

????????? (No Entry after 16:00)

Mon. Closed(except for national holidays)


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